Electrical installations

Electrical installations have always been the cornerstone in Emil Lundgren’s business ever since Emil’s days almost one hundred years ago. It can be anything from simple tasks to large, sophisticated projects in both high and low voltage.

The large projects, which are something of a specialty for us, can be ongoing for several years and employ a large number of electricians.

A large part of our business includes technically advanced and complicated contracts, where the customer often have special requirements and where we, after the design phase, offer the total solution that best meets the customer’s anticipated needs. This might include everything from energy optimization to the final price, both important ingredients for the customer’s total economy.

In today’s society it is important to save energy. We therefore work a lot with smart solutions for instance regarding lighting, which is controlled by presence, time of day and weather. As manufacturer independent we also see a large potential in the future supply of electric cars.

All our assignments are turnkey projects as well as design contracts. Together with the customer we work out and evaluate potential changes during the construction process in order to get the best possible overall economy as possible.

Our assignments include for instance:

  • Offices
  • Trade
  • Housing
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial plants
  • Process industry
  • Infrastructure