No Electricity. No future – Congratulations Emil Lundgren 101 years! – Meet Stefan Fredrickson, who talks about the past and the future.

For more than a century, Emil Lundgren has been conducting business in electricity and, more recently, also data and telecommunications, instruments and services. During the latter half, Stefan Fredrickson has been part of the company and has gone from being an apprentice to the regional manager.

20 Feb 2020

When Emil Lundgren started in 1919, the plan was to electrify Hisingen. How does the company view the future today? And how does it differ from Emil Lundgren’s vision over 100 years ago we asked Stefan Fredrickson. He has held several positions within the company and most recently as a regional manager for Stockholm and the west. He began his journey in the business as early as 1971 as an electrician apprentice and was given the role of leading fitter early on. He had several assignments, from service assignments to oil platforms and he completed both electricity and telecommunications installations before it was time to try something new, this time on the official’s side as a calculator. And more roles there would be; production manager, business unit manager and CEO are additional services where we have been able to find Stefan over the years.

What are the similarities and differences in how the business was conducted earlier and today?

In old Emil Lundgren, the family was always close, that is, our owners. There was a sense of security in this, but it was centrally controlled. This changed overnight when VINCI stepped in as an owner. Now that we have been part of the world’s largest construction group for 20 years, working life has changed radically. With the introduction of the Quartz philosophy, VINCI’s control system that encompasses culture and values, decisions are now done at the local level, which inspires managers and staff. So after 48 years in Emil Lundgren I can only say that the last 20 years are the best!

Are there any significant events that have developed Emil Lundgren?

The investment in more extensive and more complicated projects from the beginning of the 1970s and establishments across a larger part of our elongated country took the company from being a local player in Gothenburg to becoming well known in the Nordic market and later also in the world with projects on many exciting places.

What do you enjoy most about Emil Lundgren?
All good employees !!!!

Is there anything from the past that has been retained and allowed to live on into the future?
Once a Lund Branch, always a Lund Branch, the “Emil Spirit” is something that exists but no one can touch. 

What does the future look like for Emil Lundgren?
As always, there are factors that affect the business but the feeling today is that we are stronger and are better equipped than ever before.

See also the film about Emil Lundgren’s history and future that Stefan has created and created, here!

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