We donate money to Nepal

In order to support the victims of the earthquake in Nepal Emil Lundgren, through the owner VINCI, donates as much to the NGOs as the employees do.

13 May 2015

​You have probably heard or read about the earthquake in Nepal end of April. Perhaps as many as ten thousand persons lost their lives. The hope to find more survivors is long gone, but the need for help is huge. The survivors need food, clothes and housing. To build new roads, schools etc. takes time and costs a lot of money. ​Also, there has been new aftershocks in the area, which certainly does not make it any easier.

Nepal is a very beautiful country on the slopes of Himalayas, but it is also one of the poorest countries in the world. After a long civil war the king was removed and democracy has prevailed since 2008. It really felt as if the country was on the right track when the worst earthquake since 1934 hit on 25th April.

According to information from the United Nation, Sindhupalchock is one of the worst hit districts, where 95 percent of all housing has been destroyed. Therefore, VINCI has decided to donate money to this area through three different NGOs, of which the Red Cross is one. For each Crown the employees donate VINCI will donate just as much. Considering the fact that we have close to 200 000 employees in the group it should be able to amount to quite a lot.

– It feels important that we as employees in the VINCI group also make an effort. Also, I feel proud to work in a group that does not only speak of justice and social responsibility, but also shows it in action, says Stefan Fredrickson, regional director for Emil Lundgren.

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